Development Bank -The Afro & Eurasia Central Bank
I have spent many years researching and exploring the world of special finance, and this special financial industry – the world of gold and the banking system. This special banking system has been operating in the shadows for many years, handling huge sums of money. Finally, the time has come to develop the business of lending funds to private governments as an ordinary development bank. This is a banking regulation that allows for international settlement operations under the Basel rules. The bank’s business is to lend business and project funds to governments and private enterprises. The loan currency is the Euro, and repayment can be made in the local currency. The repayment plan consists of a 5-year grace period and 5-year installment payments, for a total of 10 years. Loans are interest-free. The loan is interest-free, and the application documents must be prepared in English. This is what was reported at the recent social meeting. A computer system to perform this work is being developed and will be completed soon. Once the system is completed, we will set up offices around the world and begin operations. This will be a new global development banking operation. We will also issue a new digital currency called MeteDBC, which will be a digital currency. This is a new project that will start worldwide.