The MSA Research Institute’s website is finally on the website of the Methe Foundation, the world headquarters of SRP.
Last night, the CEO of the Mete Foundation contacted us and updated the Mete Foundation’s contact page. So there was a message. What I updated was that the official website of the MSA Research Institute, which I had personally created, finally has a link in the contact section of the official website of the Meté Foundation, the world headquarters that handles the SRP (Sovereign Royal Portfolios).
I was a bit surprised; I started MSA Research Institute in 2018, but now that the link is finally posted on the world headquarters of SRP, the world’s apex, I thought, now I need to go global. I had been explaining about the world of special finance to Japanese people, but now that the link is posted on the official website of the world headquarters of SRP, I think that people from all over the world will come to see the MSA Research Institute website I am building.
In a sense, my MSA Research Institute would have become an official industry organization! So, I will be going with a bang. Since this year, as a global representative, I have become the accountable party for assisting all national governments around the world, so all national governments around the world will be negotiating for economic assistance, because it is a difficult time for them.

🖕 (メテ財団の公式HP) SRP(ソブリンロイヤルポートフォリオ)の世界本部のHPです。

それで、ちなみにですが、SRPのアセットを使ってゴールドクレジットを発行しているのですが、そのクレジットの使い方というのは、一般的には、まず初めは、支援国の政府国債を購入する財源にするということが決まってます。つまり、SRPのゴールドアセットから発行するゴールドクレジット(通貨)の使用用途は、一番初めの通貨と何を交換するのか?これは、政府国債であるということを知ってください。これが世界を救済する方法です。この意味わかりますか? (Official website of the Mete Foundation) This is the website of the world headquarters of the SRP (Sovereign Royal Portfolio).
By the way, gold credits are issued using the SRP assets, and the use of the credits is generally decided to be used first as a source of funds to purchase government bonds of the donor country. In other words, what is the use of the gold credits (currency) issued from the SRP Gold Asset in exchange for the first currency? Please know that this is a government bond. This is how we will bail out the world. Do you understand what this means?